Executive Spotlight

קובי יתח | שטיינמץ עמינח ושות' UHY, רו"ח | צילום יח"צ

Ittah Kobi Manager, UHY Shtainmetz Aminoach & Co., CPA.

Current Position: Manager, UHY Shtainmetz Aminoach & Co., CPA.

Areas of Expertise: Counseling Institutional Entities, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Banks; Tax Arrangements for Retirement and Tax Counseling for Retirees; One of the Authors of the Professional Guide “Pension Taxes and Provident Funds.”

Professional Background: Manager, the Providence Fund Department and the Pension Taxes for the Income Tax Commissioner; Manager, the Taxation Sector for Long-Term Savings at Clal Insurance Group; CEO, Atidot Pension Fund of Clal Insurance Group.

Other Positions: Lecturer, Insurance College and the Academic College, Netanya; Lecturer in Courses and Seminars of the Insurance Agents Office and Tax Advisors Office; Lecturer to Insurance Agents on Behalf of Insurance Companies and Insurance Agencies.

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